Adec 511 Exam Chair


Upgrade your dental practice with the A-dec 511 White Patient Chair featuring new Blue Plush NaugaSoft Upholstery. This refurbished chair boasts an ultra-thin backrest, double-articulating headrest, innovative hydraulic lift system, and multi-position armrests for patient comfort. It also offers easy touchpad controls for convenience during procedures.


Manufacturer / Brand: A-dec, Adec

Model: Model 511

Condition: Refurbished

Color (As Is): Blue

Warranty: 1 year


The A-dec 511 White Patient Chair with Blue Upholstery is a top-quality dental chair designed for patient comfort and dentist convenience. With its refurbished condition, it combines reliability with a fresh appearance.

Key Features:

  • New Blue Plush NaugaSoft Upholstery: The chair features new upholstery in a comfortable and attractive blue color, ensuring a pleasant experience for your patients.
  • Ultra-Thin Backrest: The chair’s backrest is ultra-thin and flexible, providing comfort and allowing patients to tuck their knees under without any hard metal back to worry about.
  • Double-Articulating, Gliding Headrest: The headrest moves with the patient for improved comfort and can be easily adjusted with one hand.
  • Innovative Hydraulic Lift System: Ensures gentle stops and starts during patient positioning.
  • Expanded Height Range: Offers a wide height range, accommodating the needs of dentists of various heights.
  • 360º Swivel with Brake: Allows for a 30º rotation on each side of center, enhancing flexibility during procedures.
  • Multi-Position Armrests: Rotatable armrests streamline patient entry and exit.
  • Cut-Away, Cast Iron Baseplate: Provides stability on uneven floors and allows the stool to be rolled closer to the patient.
  • Touchpad Controls: The chair can be easily controlled using touchpads attached to the delivery unit and assistant’s arm.

Manufacturer / Brand:

A-dec is a renowned brand in the dental equipment industry known for producing high-quality and innovative dental chairs.


The A-dec 511 White Patient Chair with Blue Upholstery offers a comfortable and versatile solution for dental procedures. With its advanced features and ergonomic design, it ensures both patient and dentist satisfaction.

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