Dental X-Ray Film Processor Developer Shield


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Ensure reliable protection for your dental X-ray film processor with this used Developer Shield. Designed to safeguard against spills and splashes during processing, this shield provides an essential barrier, maintaining the integrity of your equipment.

Though previously used, this shield is backed by a 30-day guarantee, assuring functionality and effectiveness in shielding your processor. Please note that the purchase includes only the items displayed in the listing photos.

This shield is a crucial component in preserving the longevity and operational efficiency of your dental X-ray film processor. While exhibiting signs of prior use, its structural integrity ensures continued safeguarding of your equipment against unexpected mishaps.

Invest in this used Developer Shield to fortify your dental practice against processing-related hazards, ensuring the seamless functionality of your equipment and peace of mind during procedures.

Please review the listing photos to ensure compatibility and condition before making your purchase.

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