SteriSure Dental Digital Controlled Dry Heat Sterilizer Autoclave 3-Tray 3100

WARRANTY: 1 year parts



  • Precision Controlled Dry Heat Sterilizer: SteriSURE Dry Heat Sterilizers are microprocessor controlled units for all metal and steam sensitive instruments.
  • Audible and visual indication of warm-up and completion of sterilization cycle
  • Paperless data storage
  • Error message will display if cycle is interrupted
  • Temperature can be displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Automatic shutoff (adjustable from 2-4 hours after cycle is complete)
  • Maintains temperature between cycles
  • Solid State control of heaters
  • Advantages of Dry Heat Sterilization
  • SteriSURE Dry Heat Sterilizers kill bacteria and spores without moisture.
  • Does not dull, pit, or rust sharp instruments.
  • Dry heat sterilization does not require a dry cycle that adds to the sterilization cycle time.
  • Economical, little to no maintenance, low operating costs and requires no distilled water.


  • One Touch Automatic Controls and Digital Display: SteriSURE Dry Heat Sterilizers automatically start the sterilizer cycle and set the temperature at 320º F (160º C) and time at 60 minutes. The time and temperature are displayed throughout the cycle allowing the operator updated sterilization information
  • Printer Output: Both models of the SteriSURE Dry Heat Sterilizer have a USB printer output (PRINTER NOT INCLUDED) to provide a permanent record of the sterilization cycle data.
  • Maintenance Free: SteriSURE Dry Heat Sterilizers require no routine cleaning. The high quality stainless steel construction maintains a great looking unit for years.
  • 110V


PRICE: $1,839.00