Sirona Heliodent Vario X-Ray Machine Model D3350


Brand: Dentsply

Type: X-Ray

Model: Sirona Heliodent

Condition: Used


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The Sirona Heliodent Vario X-Ray Machine Model D3350 is specifically engineered for intraoral radiographic exposures, ensuring precision and safety in dental imaging. Here are some technical specifications and guidelines for its proper use:

  • Purpose: Designed for creating intraoral radiographic exposures.
  • Voltage & Current:
    • Nominal voltage ranges from 100V to 240V with permissible fluctuations.
    • Nominal current varies between 6A to 9.5A based on the voltage.
  • Line Frequency & Resistance:
    • Rated line frequency at 50Hz or 60Hz.
    • Power line resistance differs based on voltage ranges.
  • Fuse & Power Requirement:
    • House wiring fuse capacity is 16A.
    • Power requirement is less than 1.5kW.
  • Tube Specifications:
    • Tube voltage operates at 70kV.
    • Tube current operates at 7mA.
    • High-voltage curve utilizes a Monopulse X-ray tube for efficient functionality.
  • Radiation Time & Filtration:
    • Radiation times can vary between 30ms to 3.2s.
    • Mark-to-space ratio of 1:30 for radiation-time-dependent overheating protection.
    • Total filtration in the X-ray tube unit is greater than 2mm Al / 70 kV, meeting IEC 60 522/1999 standards.
  • Focal Spot Size:
    • Focal spot size complies with IEC 336 standards, measuring 0.8mm for accurate imaging.

Adhering to these technical specifications and following proper operational guidelines ensures efficient and safe utilization of the Sirona Heliodent Vario X-Ray Machine Model D3350 for intraoral radiography within dental practices. Always ensure compliance with safety protocols and regulations in your region for X-ray equipment operation.

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