Midmark and TPC Ultrasonic Cleaner Bundle

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Brand: Midmark / TPC

Condition: Refurbished / Open Box

Type: Ultrasonic Cleaner

Model: QC1-01 / UC-400


Brand: Midmark / TPC

Condition: Refurbished / Open Box

Type: Ultrasonic Cleaner

Model: QC1-01 / UC-400

Discover the efficiency and reliability of the Midmark and TPC Ultrasonic Cleaner Bundle, a perfect combination of advanced cleaning technology from two trusted brands. This bundle includes the Midmark QC1-01 and the TPC UC-400, both refurbished to ensure optimal performance. Ideal for dental, medical, and laboratory settings, these ultrasonic cleaners provide thorough and effective cleaning for various instruments.

Key Features:

  • Trusted Brands: Combines the expertise and quality of Midmark and TPC, leaders in ultrasonic cleaning technology.
  • Comprehensive Cleaning: Both models are designed to deliver deep and efficient cleaning, ensuring instruments are thoroughly sanitized.
  • Advanced Ultrasonic Technology: Utilizes powerful ultrasonic waves to remove debris and contaminants from intricate instrument surfaces.

Condition Notes:

  • Refurbished / Open Box: These units have been professionally refurbished to meet high standards of performance and reliability. They are in like-new condition, having undergone thorough inspection and testing.

Product Details:

  • Midmark QC1-01:
    • High-Performance Cleaning: Engineered for efficient and effective cleaning of medical and dental instruments.
    • Durable Construction: Built to withstand the demands of busy practices.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to operate with straightforward controls.
  • TPC UC-400:
    • Efficient Operation: Provides powerful ultrasonic cleaning to ensure instruments are free of contaminants.
    • Compact Design: Space-saving design suitable for various practice sizes.
    • Reliable Performance: Known for consistent and dependable cleaning results.

The Midmark and TPC Ultrasonic Cleaner Bundle is an excellent choice for professionals seeking reliable and effective instrument cleaning solutions. The combination of these two high-quality models offers versatility and enhanced cleaning capability, making it a valuable addition to any practice.

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