Crown Seating Keystone Dental Assistant Stool

WARRANTY: 5 Year Warranty


INCLUDED: C40AR Keystone Assistant Stool

FEATURES: Recommended users above 5’4, Single Lever Adjustment, Ratcheting Arm, Standard Foam


  • Simple design allows the user to focus on what is important.
  • Superior cushioning creates unparalleled comfort.
  • Round Seat provides more freedom to move.
  • Ratchet arm adjusts vertically and horizontally to allow the user to operate comfortably.
  • Carpet or hard floor casters glide easily in any environment.
  • Five-leg powder coated aluminum base provides improved stability.
  • Choice of different height lift mechanisms provides a wide range of adjustment.


SPECIFICATIONS: Weight: 34 lbs, Stool Base Diameter: 23″, Floor-Seat Height: 19.25″-26.25″, Seat Measurements: Diameter 16″

PRICE: $700.00


Matching Operator Stool Available!

Crown Seating’s exclusive, ergonomically correct designs provide unparalleled support to professionals like yourself. Support that promotes proper posture during both resting and working activities, helps minimize fatigue, reduces chronic back, neck, and arm pain and increases circulation to the legs. All of which help you work and live in comfort.