Kerr Totalcare Lead Apron


Large Kerr Totalcare Lead Apron
Velcro in good condition for latching and securing.

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Safeguard against radiation exposure confidently with the Large Kerr Totalcare Lead Apron, a hallmark of protection and comfort in medical settings.


This apron boasts a robust construction that prioritizes safety without compromising on comfort. The Velcro fastening, in excellent condition, ensures secure latching and dependable shielding during procedures involving radiation.


Designed with durability in mind, this large-sized lead apron provides extensive coverage, minimizing radiation exposure for practitioners and patients alike. The sturdy construction and well-maintained Velcro ensure a snug and secure fit, offering peace of mind during diagnostic or treatment procedures.

Manufacturer: Kerr Totalcare

Invest in the reliability and safety of the Large Kerr Totalcare Lead Apron, designed to offer optimal protection while maintaining utmost comfort, ensuring a secure environment for both patients and medical professionals.

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