Adec Decade Chair Back Upholstery


Brand: A-dec, Adec

Type: Upholstery

Model: Unknown

Condition: Refurbished

Warranty: No Warranty

Shipping: $35 Flat Rate

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Brand: A-dec

Condition: Refurbished

Introducing our refurbished A-dec Decade Dental Chair Back Cushion Upholstery! Elevate the comfort and style of your dental practice with this high-quality, rejuvenated upholstery for your dental chair back cushion.

Our skilled technicians refurbish each upholstery piece to ensure it meets our stringent standards for quality and durability. Whether your current upholstery is worn, torn, or simply outdated, our refurbishment process will breathe new life into your dental chair, making it look and feel brand new.

Customization is key with our upholstery service – choose from a wide range of colors to match your practice’s decor and branding. From classic neutrals to bold, modern hues, we have options to suit every taste and preference.

Not only does our refurbished upholstery enhance the aesthetic appeal of your dental chair, but it also provides superior comfort and support for your patients during their appointments. With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, you can trust that your patients will feel relaxed and at ease throughout their dental visits.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss customizations, feel free to reach out and message us. We’re here to help you create a welcoming and professional environment for your patients.

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