Kavo Assistant’s Stool Papyrus Tan Ultraleather Upholstery Fits Brewer Marus etc


Brand: Kavo

Type: Upholstery

Model: Unknown

Condition: Refurbished

Warranty: No Warranty

Shipping: $75 Flat Rate
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  • Condition: New Open box
  • Included Hardware: Available upon request
  • Ease of Replacement: Simple and straightforward installation process
  • Upholstery Type: Premium Ultraleather
  • Color: Papyrus (beige/taupe)
  • Model: KAS700
  • Compatibility: Compatible with various major brands such as Marus, Pelton, Brewer, etc.
  • Custom Upholstery Options: New standard or ultraleather upholstery available upon request; message for color choices
  • Shipping Details: Timelines for shipping will vary when opting for new upholstery


The KaVo KAS700 Assistant’s Stool Upholstery, brand new and boxed, offers a hassle-free replacement option for a range of major brands such as Marus, Pelton, Brewer, and more. Crafted with premium Ultraleather in the sophisticated color Papyrus (beige/taupe), this upholstery provides durability and comfort. It’s easily replaceable, ensuring a seamless transition for enhanced aesthetics and comfort in dental settings. Hardware is available upon request. Additionally, buyers can opt for new standard or Ultraleather upholstery by messaging us with their preferred color choice; however, this may affect shipping timelines. For more information or to acquire this upholstery, please contact us.

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