ESAM Compressor Head


Brand: ESAM

Type: Compressor Part

Model: Unknown

Condition: Used

Warranty: No Warranty

Shipping: $75 Flat Rate

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Brand: ESAM

Condition: Pre-Owned, Used, For Parts Only


This pre-owned ESAM Air Compressor Head by Collins Dental Equipment is being offered for sale in an untested condition and is designated for parts use only. It is sold as-is, without any guarantees of functionality. The ESAM Air Compressor Head is a crucial component for dental air compressor systems, typically responsible for pressurizing air to power various dental tools and equipment. While this unit may not be operational, it could serve as a valuable source of spare parts for repairs or maintenance of similar equipment. Please note that due to its untested status, we cannot guarantee its suitability for operational use. Potential buyers should assess its condition and compatibility with their existing systems before purchase.

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