Dentsply Rinn Lead Apron


Brand: Dentsply

Type: Lead Apron

Model: Dentsply Rinn

Condition: Used


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Introducing the Dentsply Rinn Lead Apron, a .3mm protective shield meticulously designed to ensure safety during medical procedures involving radiation exposure.

Crafted with precision using .3mm lead, this apron stands as a stalwart defense against radiation, prioritizing safety without compromising on comfort. Its lightweight yet durable construction offers optimal shielding while allowing unhindered mobility, enabling practitioners to perform tasks with ease.

The Dentsply Rinn Lead Apron is tailored to provide comprehensive coverage, minimizing the risk of radiation exposure for both practitioners and patients. With an ergonomic design and precise engineering, this apron ensures a snug and secure fit, essential for prolonged use in medical settings.

Invest in the reliability and safety offered by the Dentsply Rinn Lead Apron—an indispensable accessory that upholds stringent safety standards, fostering a secure environment for precise medical procedures.

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