Equipment from CDE

Step into a realm of dental equipment excellence with Collins Dental Equipment, where every instrument tells a tale of precision and reliability. Our extensive inventory boasts a diverse selection, ranging from meticulously refurbished pre-owned equipment to pristine offerings straight from the distributor. We’re not just about supplying; we’re about ensuring your dental clinic operates at its peak. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere provision – it’s about empowering your practice to thrive. Picture this: worn-out upholstery revived to pristine perfection, tired equipment infused with new vitality through our refurbishment service, and surplus items seamlessly transitioned through our consignment service. At Collins Dental Equipment, we understand the heartbeat of your clinic and are poised to be its unwavering support system.


Experience the Collins Dental Equipment advantage today. Elevate your clinic with equipment that exceeds expectations and service that goes above and beyond. Contact us at 859-881-3996 or via email at [email protected] and step into a world where excellence meets optimization. Let’s propel your practice to unparalleled success – together.