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Ukraine Head and Neck Cancer Help

5 MAY 2022
A free head and neck cancer resource and 24/7 helpline backed by charities Swallows Group, Oral Health Foundation and Mouth Cancer Foundation are now available for Ukrainian refugees wanting to learn more about head and neck cancer.
Ukraine Head and Neck Cancer Help is a new website that offers support and guidance for Ukrainian refugees new to the UK.
The website provides information about the disease in both Ukrainian and English, including how to spot head and neck cancer early, and where to go if anything out of the ordinary is found.
The new resource lists support groups and networks for those coping with a head and neck cancer diagnosis and help people who are new to the UK understand and navigate the NHS system.
Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the Oral Health Foundation says: “Medical needs do not stop when your whole life is uprooted, and many refugees have found that they struggle to get the medical attention they need.
“Certain medical needs l…

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