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Top money saving tips for your oral health

Finding out where to save money is not an easy task as there is so much variety on offer especially online and when confronted with supermarket shelves.
Your dentist will be able to tell you what type of toothpaste you need, however, if you prefer doing your own research and shopping around for better deals then we have some tips to point you in the right direction.
To help you along the way, here are our top money saving tips for your oral health…
Large supermarkets
Often a supermarket’s own brand is much cheaper than big named brands.
If they have the right amount of fluoride which can be found on the packaging, they should be fine provided you do not have any specific needs.  Always check the fluoride content is appropriate for all ages in your household, most family toothpaste will contain a minimum of 1350-1500 ppm which is typically fine for anyone over three years old.
If your dentist is concerned about the amount of fluoride for your children, then this can b…

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