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The UK’s oral health is a postcode lottery and in dire need of levelling up

16 MAY 2022
Speaking on Monday at the launch of this year’s National Smile Month, the Oral Health Foundation’s chief executive, Dr Nigel Carter called for the government to put an end to the vast inequalities in oral health that are causing tens of thousands of people to suffer in pain.
Dr Carter has urged the government to focus on addressing critical problems with access to NHS dentistry and the need to train more dentists.
Dr Carter said: “Oral health varies around the UK – it is a postcode lottery.  This isn’t going to go away overnight as the dentists just aren’t there.  It does seem that there isn’t a wish to address the problem and train more dentists.
“Whether that dentistry is being delivered on the NHS, or the private sector, it is not possible without an adequate workforce.
“You really can’t achieve good health and wellbeing without good oral health.  That’s why during National Smile Month,…

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