XZeal Technologies Z70 Wall Mount Intraoral X-Ray

Made with tubular steel and a strong aluminum structure, the Z70 allows for smooth and accurate movements with great mobility. The Z70 can be installed on a brick wall, 16″ double studs, or a single 4″x4″ stud.

The Z70 has been manufactured to produce excellent, high-definition images while simultaneously reducing radiation exposure to patients.

– Power Input: 120 or 230 VAC
– Nominal Current: 9A – 4.5A
– Mains Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
– Maximum Power: 900W
– Tube Voltage: 70kVp
– Exposure Time: 0.06 to 2.50 sec
– Working Cycle: 1s / 30s
– Focus – SSD: 200mm
– Radiation Field: 60mm
– Leak Radiation: <7 mR/h @ 1m

Includes a 1 YEAR WARRANTY!