Tuttnauer Refurbished Ez9 Sterilizer Autoclave

WARRANTY: 6 month warranty

CONDITION: Refurbished


  • This table-top autoclave is designed for the sterilization of wrapped and unwrapped instruments, glassware and other related items found in dental, medical and veterinary clinics, tattoo parlors, first aid rooms, hospitals, laboratories and other related industries.
  • The enhanced closed door active drying system maintains the sterile field and ensures complete drying of packs and pouches. The efficient air pump forces hot air circulation after the sterilization cycle for faster, more efficient closed door drying. Features a bacteriological Hepa filter 0.2 µm air filter (replaceable), Four pre-loaded cycles for unwrapped instruments, wrapped/packs and porous loads, glassware or slow exhaust for liquids or additional drying cycle.
  • All program parameters can be customized and stored. This unit has a contemporary design with a bright blue easy to read digital control panel. An automatic shut off at the end of both the sterilization and dry cycles. There are audible and visual cycle interruption alerts and a.double safety locking device that prevents the door from opening while the chamber is pressurized.
  • The low water sensor prevents activation of the sterilization cycle when there is insufficient water in the chamber or reservoir, with constant monitoring of temperature and pressure for sterilization. In the event of a power outage, the unit will automatically complete its cycle when certain parameters are met.
  • The door design prevents steam from coming in contact with the control panel. It has an exceptionally deep chamber made from 316L grade electro polished stainless steel. The drain valve located on the front which allows for fast and easy draining of the water reservoir.


PRICE: $2,995.00

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