Crown Seating Telluride Dental Assistant Stool

WARRANTY: 5 Year Warranty


INCLUDED: C50ABT Telluride Assistant Stool

FEATURES: Recommended for users below 6′, Triple Lever Adjustment, Lumbar Back, Ratcheting Arm, Oval Seat, Standard Foam Cushion

  • Revolutionary seat pan mechanism allows the backrest to massage users lower back.
  • Ideal for medium to short users.
  • Triple lever adjustment allows user to operate in better health and comfort through maximum adjustability.
  • Unique curve of lumbar backrest supports lower spine for superior back health. ABS shrouds provide easy cleaning surfaces.
  • Oval seat shape prevents “perching” on front edge and facilitates better back support.
  • With the control lever in the “Free-Float” position, the seat and the backrest will follow you as you lean forward and back on the stool.



  • Weight:44 lbs
  • Stool Base Diameter: 23″
  • Floor – Seat Height: 24.5″ – 31″
  • Back: Width 15″ x Height 8″
  • Seat Measurements: Width 18.5″ x Depth 14.5″

PRICE: $940.00


Matching Operator Stool Available!

Crown Seating’s exclusive, ergonomically correct designs provide unparalleled support to professionals like yourself. Support that promotes proper posture during both resting and working activities, helps minimize fatigue, reduces chronic back, neck, and arm pain and increases circulation to the legs. All of which help you work and live in comfort.