MyRay RXDC HyperSphere+ Intraoral Dental X-Ray 65kV w/ 16″ Extension Arm


  • Revolutionary positioning device: Able to revolve freely around the sphere, the lightweight, compact tube head reaches practically any position, including vertical. By simply touching the touch-sensitive zones the tube head is unlocked for quick and easy positioning. As soon as you let go, the tube head locks into place with great precision.
  • Precision imaging: Specifically conceived for digital X-ray imaging, the constant potential tube head combined with the smallest focal spot available for intraoral imaging (0.4 mm) guarantees consistently sharp images.


Additional Features:

  • Simple wireless control: All you need to acquire excellent images is contained in one handheld wireless digital control device. There are no other wall-mounted or wired control panels to worry about. No more complex programming or button-crowded panels. The portable device offers a full range of intuitive exposure scenarios. Simply by selecting the region of interest, RXDC Hypersphere+ automatically defines the correct exposure.
  • MyRay Multi-Mode: Totally automatic selection of the appropriate combination of kV and mA settings depending on patient size and tooth region.
  • 0.4mm focal spot
  • 60, 63, or 65 kV
  • 16″ extension arm
  • 115V +/- 15% or 230V +/- 15%, 50/60 Hz


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