Myray RXAC AC Technology Dental X-Ray Unit

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  • Conventional X-ray unit, which uses consolidated AC technology assuring top reliability and full compatibility with traditional and digital X-ray systems.
  • Incorporates a stand-by function to save energy as well as an auto check function which is run when the unit is turned on.
  • Lightweight, solid arms in extruded aluminum with an integrated self-balancing system reduce any risk of tube head vibration during image acquisition.
  • The shock-resistant handheld control device is equipped with a magnet and can be conveniently placed on the wall-mounted control panel.
  • Three extension arm lengths available.
  • The default 8” round collimation can be narrowed to a rectangular field using the optional inserts.
  • Straightforward and reliable
  • Solid design features and perfectly balanced arms prevent vibration of the tube head right through to the unit’s maximum extension of 199 cm.
  • Intuitive icons and soft-touch keys make for quick and easy settings, including exposure times and film sensitivity or digital sensor mode.
  • The shock-resistant handheld control device is fitted with an extension lead or is available in a remote control version
  • Mains voltage fluctuation is compensated for via a unit-integrated microprocessor, thus ensuring correct exposure times automatically.