MyRay Hyperion X5 Dental X-Ray

Designed to provide dental practices with a compact, easy-to-use digital panoramic imaging system, the Hyperion X5 is wall-mounted and fits in the same amount of space as a typical x-ray generator. The system includes 15 imaging programs available at the touch of a button including a low radiation dose option. The high-quality images captured by the X5 can be shared with a range of imaging applications. Fabricated from durable materials, the imaging system can be installed quickly and requires minimal maintenance.

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  • DICOM Compatible
  • Line Pairs (mm)5 to 7 lp/mm
  • Image Storage Size Up to 7.5 MB
  • Generator Constant Potential (DC)
  • kVp Output 60 – 85 kVp
  • Focal Dimensions 0.5 mm
  • Wall Mounted or Free StandingWall Mounted (Free Standing also available)
  • Sensor Type CMOS (CSI)
  • Connection Type Ethernet
  • Views Adult and child panoramic
  • QuickPAN
  • MultiPAN
  • “Bitewing” Dentition
  • PA and LL maxillary sinuses (Right and left)
  • Temporomandibular Joint (2 x LL +2 x PA) Open and Closed Mouth
  • Imaging Software Included
  • Grey Scale 14 Bit
  • Scan Time 3 – 12 seconds