MyRay C-U2 Intraoral HD Camera System



  • HD sensor (16:9)
  • 8 powerful LED’s with optical diffuser
  • Optical group with 7 high purity glass lenses, f/8
  • 50x enlargement
  • Direct Digital Technology (progressive scan)
  • NativeUSBConnection


  • Type: Intraoral, Extraoral (Video Footage, Still image)
  • Focal Depth: 5-70mm
  • Visual Angle: 90 degrees (diagonal)
  • Optical System: 7 high purity glass lenses, f/8
  • Illumination: 8 LED’s with adjustable intensity
  • Frame Rate: 30fps
  • Digital Sensor: HD CMOS, Progressive Scan
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Image Format, Video: 16:9


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Precise, sharp and clear, only C-U2 HD offers you clear and contrasted images under all circumstances. It shows/visualizes the aesthetic aspect of a smile or a single tooth with maximum high resolution.

IMAGINE. Professional optical system and uniform field of view, -distortion-free. Thanks to the F/8 lens aperture and the innovative HD sensor, you get homogeneous lights and natural colours. Under all circumstances.

MOVE. Multifunction button and automatic Focus-Free adjustments: view, browse, enlarge, save. The flexibility of a Track Pad in just one button and automatic parameters for maximum comfort, with maximum results. The 360° backlight visualizes the state of the handpiece under any condition of use.

SHARE. Communication with the patient has never been so simple: view, share, inform. All in one click. Archive and process the images on a PC thanks to the last generation MyRay software platform: iRYS.