Iridium Dental MaxRay Handheld Intraoral X-Ray

MaxRay offers a lightweight, truly portable, FDA-approved alternative to traditional x-ray machines. Weighing only 4.4lbs and offering options like a carrying case and strap, tablet PC mount, you can easily take x-rays any where and every where you go!





  • At only 4.4 lbs, MaxRay is lighter than the competitors

Available Options:

Tablet PC Mount

  • Create a full self-contained digital system with x-ray, software, sensor, and tablet PC. Take x-rays on the go – anywhere!

Carrying Case  + Strap

  • Eliminate accidental drops with the exclusive optional carrying case and strap
  • Removes stress off user’s arms for less user fatigue, especially when doing FMX

Power Transformer

  • Forgot to charge the battery? Plug in the optional power adapter directly into the power plug and continue to take x-rays

Mobile Stand

  • Make your hand-help into a mobile x-ray with the new rolling stand and cabinet mount



Long-Life LI Battery

  • The best battery technology available. Take over 300 shots on one battery charge; compare to other systems that only take 100 per charge

Toshiba X-Ray Tube

  • The best quality x-ray tube available. Same tube as in many wall mount machines. Compare durability to lower quality tubes made in China

Oil Cooled vs. Air Cooled

  • Just like your wall mount units, the MaxRay features an oil-cooled tube. Oil Cooling provides faster disbursement providing faster recovery and longer lasting tubes

Save Thousands

  • Compared to national brands, the MaxRay costs thousands less!



Low Dose System

  • The MaxRay produces significantly less radiation than wall mount units. Ideal for pedo, endo, or oral surgery when the operator must be in the room to position the sensor or secure the patient.

FDA Approved

  • Meets all FDA standards for hand-held use

Extra Long Cone

  • Mandated by most states. The permanently attached, extra-long cone protects both the operator and the patient.

Lead Infused Back Scatter Shield

  • Mandated by most states. Shield prevents back-scatter to protect the operator

Double Lead Shielding

  • Prevents x-ray leakage from the machine and tube area