American Eagle Implant Instrument Kit with Plastic Cassette

WARRANTY: 100% product guarantee



  • Made out of medical grade titanium: these Implant Instruments will not scratch or damage titanium implants and are 100% manufactured in the USA.
  • American Eagle’s unique patterns include scalers with rounded toes enabling safe access to sub-gingival areas.
  • Made exclusively in the lightweight EagleLite handle, these instruments will reduce hand fatigue, making them a significant upgrade compared to other implant instruments currently on the market.
  • Cassettes protect instrument working ends from damage, health care professionals from instrument sticks, and offer organization per procedure, saving time.
  • Cassettes keep instruments apart, preventing dissimilar metals from touching and creating an electrolysis reaction. An electrolysis reaction can cause corrosion or unnecessary wear to the instrument, shortening it’s lifespan.

MANUFACTURER: American Eagle