Handpiece Maintenance System NSK Care 3 Plus Model NE187

WARRANTY: 3 month warranty



  • The NSK Care 3 Plus is an automatic handpiece cleaning/lubrication tabletop; Designed to clean, lubricate, and purge up to three different handpieces simultaneously.
  • Offers reliability and consistency in cleaning and lubricating the handpieces, which reduces the human factor in handpiece maintenance
  • Offers a choice of processing times (35, 45, and 50 seconds)
  • Can be used for virtually all brands of high-speed, low-speed, and electric handpiece attachments
  • Uses NSK maintenance oil and has a readily visible oil-level gauge on the front panel
  • Unit measures 11” x 14” x 9” and weighs 16 pounds
  • Requires a 50-85 psi airline connection, 120/230VAC, and 50/60Hz
  • Easy to set-up, operate, and integrate into existing dental facilities


PRICE: $1,395.00