Dental Vacuum Forming Unit

WARRANTY: 3 month warranty



  • Vacuum Forming Unit is a sturdy, easy-to-operate unit for producing bleaching trays, mouthguards, nightguards and splints. W-shaped heating coil provides more uniform heat distribution for better adaptation, and a nonsticking, hexagonal sliding post means the frame won´t swivel and displace materials.
  • Vacuum motor strategically located below a perforated plate to create direct downward suction
  • All aluminum construction to eliminate rust
  • Heavy duty, two chambered motor for greater suction
  • Spring-loaded frame to accommodate a variety of materials
  • High-speed suction motor provides better forming
  • Uses standard 5″ x 5″ sheets of thermoplastic
  • Dimension: 8″ W x 14″ H x 11″ D
  • Weights 21 lbs

PRICE: $250.00