Buffalo Sta-Vac Premium Electric Vacuum Forming System

WARRANTY: 1 year warranty

CONDITION: New- 80190 or 80191


  • Sta-Vac with all internal components identical to the Sta-Vac ll, but with only one ConverTable and no steel beads nor work tray, designed for use in original flat model table mode only.
  • Spring loaded, self-leveling, gasket-sealed frame handles a variety of 5″ x 5″ sheet materials
  • Square center post assures smooth operation and guarantees perfect alignment of frame and table
  • Solid construction (7″ W x 16″ D x 11″ H, 32 lbs.) for maximum durability and long life
  • Unique housing design prevents motor contamination, shields heater, and promotes ergonomic operation
  • System includes sample range of Vacuum Forming Materials


PRICE: $600.00