Buffalo Opti Workstation with Suction and Light 36560

WARRANTY: 1 year warranty

CONDITION: New, 36560


  • The Opti Workstation is an effective compact laboratory workstation with bright illumination and built-in dust collection. The hinged top window and internal lighting provide bright illumination for clear viewing and the efficient suction fan and pleated filter collect damaging grinding debris while maintaining quiet operation.
  • Dual wide hand holes allow comfortable operation and easy access to large internal workspace.
  • Additional 120V/220V AC outlet on back and hinged rear door for convenient use and cleaning.
  • Use for collecting dust and grinding debris generated by Optiblast, electric handpieces, and other small dust producing devices in the dental office or laboratory.
  • Small size (11″W x 12″D x 8-1/2″ H x 14lbs) fits easily on most countertops.


PRICE: $426.00