30K Magnetostrictive Built-in Scaler Unit


Brand: BonArt

Type: Piezo Scaler


Condition: Used


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Art MB3 30K Magnetostrictive Scaler

  • For those who desire all of the quality and performance of The Maverick™ or The Marquee™ magnetostrictive ultrasonic units but in a smaller, built-in package, the ART-MB3 allows you to take that intuitive functionality and performance and install it directly into your pre-existing chair or dental rig. Lose the form factor and portability, gain custom installation and space, and maintain the legacy you’ve come to expect from the Bonart™ brand.
  • Comes with the PC board for the ART-MB3, hand piece and cable, display module, and two inserts.

WARNING: The ART-MB3 is a built-in unit that consists of individual parts that need to be professionally installed into a dental chair or table. It does NOT include a solenoid valve, a footswitch, or a transformer, as these often are already present in the chair and/or table. Built-in units can be very complicated to install and are very easy to damage through improper installation. They should never be considered a cheaper “alternative” to tabletop units!


  • PC Board
  • 2”x3” LCD
  • VR Switch set
  • Terminal Block
  • Magnet hand piece with attached cable
  • TM0004-292 or TM0004-362: Universal internal water flow insert in 30KHz
  • TM0006-162 or TM0007-062: Universal external water flow insert in 30KHz

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