Bien Air CA 1:5 Increasing Non-Optic Electric Contra Angle Attachment





  • Speed increasing ratio of 5, i.e. 1:5
  • Perfect balance, exceptional power and unique versatility
  • Push-button bur locking with anti-heating system
  • Bur shank Ø 1.6 mm
  • Anti-retraction valve
  • Compatible with the complete range of Bien-Air micromotors
  • Accu-spray: Cooling with six separate air and water nozzles. The ultra-precise nebulization this provides cools the bur and the dental material as efficiently as possible and offers perfect visibility
  • Accu-chuck: The most precise chuck locking and rotation drive technology in the world. Discover perfectly balanced instruments, with none of the drawbacks of imbalance or vibration. The best of Swiss technology
  • Cool touch: Push-button with an anti-heating safety system. This reduces the risk of burning your patients with the head of your instrument. For your comfort and your patients’ safety



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