Bien Air CA 1.5 L Micro Series Air Handpiece

Micro-Series handpieces offer exceptional power, perfect balance and a unique versatility.

  • 40% more compact and 33% lighter
  • No larger than a turbine
  • By reducing the size, the balance point of the instrument/micromotor has been noticeably moved forward
  • Force required to keep the instrument in the hand has been significantly reduced


  • Product #1600690-001
  • Brand: Micro Series
  • Application: Endodontic, Hygiene, Restorative
  • Compatible Sterilization: Autoclave
  • Autochuck Type: Push Button
  • Chuck Type: Autochuck
  • Light Type: Multi-Strand Optical Glass
  • Speed Type: High Speed, Low Speed
  • Maximum Speed: 200,000 rpm
  • Speed Ratio: 1:5
  • Spray Type: No Outlets
  • Back End Connection Type: Interchangeable
  • Shape: Contra Angle
  • Compatible Coupler Type: Micro-Series
  • Compatible Bur Diameter: 1.6 mm
  • Minimum Speed: 60 rpm
  • Manufacturer Name: Bien Air USA Ltd.