Bien Air Bora Blackline L LED Fiber Optic High Speed Handpiece w/ Unifix Coupler





  • Includes unifix 4-way coupler
  • 320,000 rpm, 2.6 bar
  • Triple spray
  • Water anti-retraction valve
  • Light, slim and ultra-resistant: Blackline handles made from vacuum-moulded carbon fiber have set a new technological standard
  • Quality LED: Bien-Air is setting new standards in the field of LED lighting. Adjustable intensity from 0 to 38,000 lux, perfectly white and natural light, service life up to 10 times longer than that of a traditional bulb, no overheating, exceptional resistance to sterilization
  • Dualook: In addition to being robust enough to withstand all conditions, the dual multi- strand optical glass conductor gives an enveloping, non-dazzling light, clearly showing depth
  • Ceramic revolution: Longer service life, greater precision. Less noise, less vibration. Superior quality Bien-Air ceramic ball bearings. For extreme performance
  • Accu-chuck: The most precise chuck locking and rotation drive technology in the world. Discover perfectly balanced instruments, with none of the drawbacks of imbalance or vibration. The best of Swiss technology
  • Cool touch: Push-button with an anti-heating safety system. This reduces the risk of burning your patients with the head of your instrument. For your comfort and your patients’ safety
  • Sealed head: In combination with the anti-retraction valve, a Teflon lip prevents any residues or contaminants entering the instrument. Enhanced hygiene and reliability
  • Soft push: Bien-Air’s unique push-button insert and chuck locking mechanism. Light pressure is all that is needed. Bur changing is quick and comfortable. This mechanism guarantees firm yet precise locking
  • Fast, rotating connection for Unifix quick-connect coupling