Belmed Dental Flush Mount Flowmeter System PC7-C F501



The PC7-C has been reconfigured to fit into today’s cabinetry and provides the same time proven precision and dependability as our standard PC-7 unit.  Includes: Flushmount Flowmeter, remote breathing circuit, scavenger rubber goods, 10ft mixed gas hose, 5ft supply tubings, 1/4 turn shut-off valves for o2 and n2o.

  • Dimensions: 4.25″H x 12.187″W x 4.687″D
  • On/Off control. Simple ¼ turn, establishes a 3 liter minimum O2 flow.
  • Oxygen Flush. Provides rapid flow of Oxygen directly to patient breathing circuit.
  • Micrometer Needle Valves. Allow quick, responsive flow adjustments. Needle valve design prevents seat damage.
  • Minimum 30% O2. Is achieved by limiting flows to a minimum of 3 liters for O2 and a maximum of 7 liters for N2O.
  • Dual Cascading Flowmeter Tubes. O2 and N2O are calibrated in liters per minute.
  • Oxygen Fail-Safe. Automatically and proportionally reduces N2O in the event O2 is reduced or shut off.
  • Solid Gas Control Block. Designed to eliminate internal gas leaks.
  • O2 Quick Connect. Provides connection of auxiliary resuscitation equipment.
  • NRB Check Valve. Prevents the rebreathing of expired gases and guards against CO2 build-up.
  • Emergency Air Valve. Entrains ambient air into the breathing circuit in the event flow from the machine is lost for any reason.


PRICE: $3,070.00