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Baxter InfuseOR Infusion Pump

WARRANTY: 1 year warranty

CONDITION: Refurbished


  • Small, lightweight, and easy-to-use syringe infusion device that aids in the administration of many intravenous agents given during anesthetic procedures
  • Drug delivery choices are easily selected and changed using front panel rotary switches
  • Total volume of drug delivered is displayed for both patient management and record keeping needs
  • Smart Label System converts the InfusOR Pump into a specific delivery system for the chosen drug with appropriate rates elections and delivery units


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The refurbished Baxter InfusOR Syringe Pump utilizes elastomeric technology to provide reliable infusion treatment while promoting patient recovery. This device features a lightweight design and discreet, silent operation that allows patients to continue therapy in nearly any setting.

The Baxter InfusOR Syringe Pump offers patients a medication delivery system that is comfortable, portable, and adaptable to their needs. It is designed to aid in the administration of many intravenous agents given during anesthetic procedures.

In conjunction with the Smart Label System, it provides for the convenient delivery of narcotics, muscle relaxants, and other drugs routinely given during anesthesia. Drug-specific Smart Labels help minimize the potential for medication errors in dose programming. The Smart Labels are an easily used set of drug-specific labels that attach to the front of the pump. Each Smart Label converts the pump into a specific delivery system for the indicated drug with appropriate rate selections and delivery units. By simply changing the Smart Labels, the pump is automatically changed to a specific delivery system for a particular intravenous agent. Smart Labels are specifically designed to work with either a 20 cc syringe or 60 cc plastic syringe.

The Baxter InfusOR Syringe Pump is small, mounts to a pole with the included clamp, and runs on standard D cell batteries. The device weighs only 2 pounds, including batteries. Easy to use, light weight, and convenient, it is an effective tool for the medical provider needing to administer medication therapy safely and conveniently.

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