Alaris 8100 LVP Infusion Pump

WARRANTY: 6 month warranty

CONDITION: Refurbished


  • Is indicated for use on adults,pediatrics and neonates.
  • The pump is compatible with both the Alaris 8000 & Alaris ™8015 PCU infusion pump units.
  • The Alaris™ 8100 pump module is a device utilized with the Alaris ™ electronic infusion pump system.
  • Electronic infusion pumps deliver controlled amounts of medication as well as various fluids to patients through intravenous{IV} ,intra-arterial {IA},epidural & other acceptable routes of administration.
  • The pump modules can be attached to either side of the PC units to create the desired configurations.



  • Infusion Pressure  Maximum 654 mmHg
  • Dimensions: 33″W X  8.p H” 5.5 D/P
  • Weight 2.5LB
  • Flow Rate 0.1 -99.9 mL/HR in 0.1 mL increments
  • 100-999 mL /HR in 1 mL increments


PRICE: $550.00