Air Techniques AirStar 50 Oilless 5-7 User Dental Compressor

WARRANTY: 1 year (3 months parts and labor, 12 months parts)

CONDITION: Refurbished

REFURBISHMENT SUMMARY: All Air Techniques compressors receive new desiccant and filters, and each motor is tuned. Other refurbishments are completed, as needed.


  • 100% oil-free motors
  • drying chamber for ultra-dry, clean air
  • maintenance free motors (filter change is recommended once per year)


  •  no oil in the air stream protects instruments from premature failure and oxidation
  • Regenerative Humidistat System monitors the dry air in the storage tank and automatically releases additional dry air to regenerate the desiccant
  • ultra-dry air protects patient’s health by eliminating damp air that promotes bacterial growth


  • 31″ x 36″ x 24″
  • 208/230V; 16A
  • 320 lbs
  • recommended for 5-7 simultaneous users

PRICE: 3,995.00

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