Bien Air + 4 way Unifix set- No Light Bora High Speed Air Handpiece

Bora turbines are high speed, air handpieces inspired by the latest technological advances in fields such as aeronautics, sailing and competitive sports. Blackline Bora has a carbon fiber handle.

  • Light, fine, sleek and strong instrument
  • Guarantee impeccable hygiene
  • Cool Touch push-button bur-locking mechanism reduces heating
  • Perfect nebulization with the 3 separate Accu-Spray air/water sprays
  • Available with or without light


  • Product # 1700188-001
  • Contains: 1 (4-Way) unifix coupling
  • Brand: Bora
  • Compatible Sterilization: Autoclave
  • Autochuck Type: Push Button
  • Chuck Type: Autochuck
  • Speed Type: High Speed
  • Maximum Speed: 320,000 rpm
  • Power Type: Air
  • Tubing Connection Type: 4 Hole
  • Weight: 72 g
  • Spray Type: Triple
  • Back End Connection Type: Interchangeable
  • Shape: Contra Angle
  • Compatible Coupler Type: Bien Air Unifix
  • Operating Pressure: 2.6 bar
  • Tubing Connection Standard: ISO Type B
  • Manufacturer Name: Bien Air USA Ltd.