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10 foods and drinks with surprising oral health benefits

Week 3 of National Smile Month will see us focus on what role nutrition and diet have on our oral health.
As part of National Smile Month, we’ve highlighted ten foods and drinks which you might not realise can help improve your oral health massively. Do you recognise any on this list?
Yogurt, milk and cheeses
Any type of healthy diary product has calcium which will help strengthen your bones and teeth.
Yoghurts and cheese are ideal as they contain these vitamins and minerals, whilst also being soft for teeth that need extra care. Milk is also good for your teeth as it contains roughly the same nutrients and vitamins.
Any dark, green vegetable in fact is good not only for your body but also for your teeth as well. While being well-known for levels of iron, it contains high levels of calcium that help to rebuild enamel, spinach is a great addition to any plate.
Others in this category can include but are not limited to kale and collard greens.
Healthy snack…

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